Feminine, flowy, chic and with a touch of bohemian flare, Eugenia  Fernandez brand can take up space in our suitcase any time.
Eugenia Fernandez brand was born in 2010 in a city of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Sincelejo. Characterized by its overwhelming, different, eye catching prints that altogether with its fresh designs create the uniqueness and power of what Eugenia Fernandez is today. Inspired by the multiplicity of the Colombian landscapes, this brand evokes the importance of remembering where you come from translated to a high fashion level. Sustainability is a priority for the designer that’s why they work with recycled fabrics and use printing process that have the minimum waste of water. Also, there is an internal policy of zero plastic that is reflected in their packaging, labels, cards among others. The brand constantly is searching for innovative ways of reducing the environmental impact, for example the next collection is going to introduce reversible garments. Helping others and social labor Is also in de DNA of the brand, therefor all of their worker are mothers head of households. They focus in having a solid and durable team of women that last throughout the time. More the employees, Eugenia Fernandez conforms a family that represents a support core for everyone inside of it.